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John Michael Ferrari Band Fills Hideaway With Memorable Country Pop Originals

John Michael Ferrari Band at Hideaway, Las Vegas

Songwriter John Michael Ferrari (lead vocals & guitar) shares his alternative country and adult-contemporary dance originals at the Hideaway Bar & Grill in Las Vegas, Nevada. The John Michael Ferrari Band members include Nomad aka Bruce Topper (keys), The Professor aka David Miller (bass), Katie Jensen (vocals),and Sexy Sticks aka John Nowins (drums).

Caught part of "Crazy in Love" by John Michael Ferrari, performed by John Michael Ferrari Band, produced by Pepper Jay.

The John Michael Ferrari Band appreciates the Ferrari Fans in attendance. Here are some of the Ferrari Fans waiting for the show to begin.

Young Dancer Ferrari Fans

Young listener Ferrari Fans.

Dancer Ferrari Fans.

Ferrari Fans Chat with Band Members

Country Music Ferrari Fans

Square Dancer Ferrari Fans.

Square Dancer Ferrari Fans.

Wine Club Ferrari Fans.

Nomad (Dr. Bruce Topper) had a particularly great time performing at the Hideaway:

Dr. Bruce Topper aka Nomad on keyboard.

Taking a break Nomad?

Dr. David Miller aka The Professor on bass.

Vocalist Katie Jensen

Singer Songwriter John Michael Ferrari

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