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After a lifetime of performing other people’s songs, and at the encouragement of Pepper Jay, John Michael has written and arranged dozens of original songs across several genres.   


New Single, an indie rock tune: “Bad Dream













Previous Single Releases include: “Keep Falling All Over Myself” and “Sentimental Fool I Keep Dreaming”.   John Michael Ferrari’s first album, “My Early Life,” consists of 12 songs written many years ago.

John Michael Ferrari's album, "Be the Smile on Your Face," to be released May 12th, 2020.

Many of John Michael newer songs, including "Be the Smile on Your Face" are at  This upcoming album, “Be the Smile on Your Face,” was recorded at Larry Beaird Studios in Nashville in January / February 2020.  



John Michael's new tunes toward his "Sentimental Fool I Keep Dreaming" album include:

“Who Can Blame a Broken Heart?” was created about a girl John lived with before going into the Army.  When he returned, they had a fight.  She said she wanted to go home. He said ok, I’ll drive you to the bus station never realizing he would never see her again.


The third album, “ Sentimental Fool I Keep Dreaming” is being recorded in John Michael’s studio on Water Rock Ranch, in Pahrump, Nevada, where John and Pepper Jay live.  These albums are perfect example of how John creates songs from life experiences.

"Be the Smile on Your Face," came from the vegetable section at Trader Joe’s.  John was squeezing cantaloupes.  Standing next to a stranger squeezing avocados.  A beautiful young woman came to the other side, squeezing tomatoes and flashed the 2 guys a beautiful smile then pushed her cart away.  The Stranger to John, “I’d sure like to be the smile of her face.  John responded, “Yep, she’s one heck of a girl.”  - and thus 2 new songs were created.

“Who’s that Girl?”  Inspired by a 14 year old redhead girl who join John and Pepper Jay’s square dance club.  (John and Pepper square dance twice a week.)  She walked in and the young boys, 9 – 13 wanted to know Who’s that Girl?  and Can I Dance with her?

"Why's Momma Lie?," from "My Early Life" album, was based on a young girlfriend of John Michael's.  Her parents didn't approve.  Made the girl break it off with John because her Momma said, "love will come when the time is right."  But, it never did!

Single: "Why'd Momma Lie?"


Produced by PEPPER JAY


Album: My Early Life, by

           John Michael Ferrari

All songs by John Michael Ferrari,

Produced by Pepper Jay 


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Heading 6

Every John Michael Ferrari song has a story.  Pepper Jay believes John’s songs are poetry put to music.  Sometimes, so emotionally, it difficult for his audience not to shed a tear.